Our Company

We exist to ensure that your business has the right tools to stay competitive.


SilverLight is a solutions-oriented company, serving small- and mid-size business in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. We provide innovative, dependable and cost-effective solutions that address key business challenges. We exist to ensure that your business has the right tools and the right advice it needs to deliver the level of service your customers expect and ultimately generate sales and growth for the company. Our services include: website design, e-commerce, graphics design, branding & logo, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, IT solutions, HR Solutions and Bookkeeping.


We understand that running a business requires an enormous amount of energy and time and we applaud your courage, but as you know, there’s simply not enough time to get everything done right! Mistakes can be costly, problems with technology can set you back and a lack of innovative marketing solutions can surely affect sales. Technology is changing at a rapid pace, making it more and more difficult to keep up; customers have higher expectations than ever before; and competitors keep raising the bar with new and innovative ideas. We know that between marketing, human resources, information technology, and bookkeeping, there’s just too much to keep up with. Yet you need to do it all, and do it well, while staying expert in your industry and while practicing the profession that you are so passionate about – the reason you went into this business!


We’re here to help! At SilverLight Solutions, our greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that we have addressed a challenge your business is facing, with an innovative, dependable and cost-effective dependable solution.