Our Promise

We pride ourselves on our Ten Promises - they’re more than words on a wall.

Our Purpose at SilverLight Solutions

President & Founder, Prakash Karnani


Let’s face it: running a business takes courage. I know this from my own personal experience, but also from the stories I encounter every day in my conversations with other business owners. It takes courage to face our challenges, and overcome them…such a simple concept, but so difficult to put into practice.

I applaud your courage; I know first-hand that it isn’t easy. I know you’re making sacrifices every day, spending enormous amounts of time, energy and resources on your business and I also know that if you’re like many, you are finding it harder to run your business today than ever before. Most business owners I speak to admit that operations are a bigger struggle these days: the weak economy, competition, the rapid pace of technology, connecting with and keeping new customers. It’s all changing dramatically and too many businesses are wasting time and money just trying to keep up with the likes of social media, online marketing and information technology. Change is necessary but mistakes can be costly and doing it all is not the same as doing it well.

I found my courage five years ago, and I started this business with a simple purpose: to help business owners overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Still today, my greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that we have addressed a challenge your business is facing, with an innovative and cost-effective solution that makes you more competitive. We exist to ensure that your business has the right tools to face its challenges.

Simply put, we’re here to help. signature

Why Choose SilverLight Solutions

We pride ourselves on our Ten Promises. Whether your project involves Website Design, Online Marketing, Information Technology, Human Resources or Bookkeeping, here’s what you know you can expect from SilverLight Solutions:

Always Professional

We take pride in performing our work with the highest standards of professionalism. When we commit to a project, we commit to devoting our full energy into solving your business challenge. Our greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that we have helped you address your business’s challenges with cost-effective and lasting solutions.

Expert Knowledge

We are a team of highly trained and passionate professionals and we spend enormous energy refining our skills and seeking new qualifications every year. Simply put, we are a team of life-long learners and we believe that every project is a new opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise to help our clients succeed.

Innovative Solutions

We are creative, we are innovative and we are forward thinkers. We only offer solutions that are flexible and scalable to suit our clients as their businesses grow. Our long-term approach to problem solving ensures that businesses invest in solutions that will work today and tomorrow.

Affordable Solutions

We exists to serve small to mid-size businesses and we only recommend cost-effective solutions that save time and money in the long-run. We take great pride in keeping our rates affordable and delivering results for our clients on a limited budget.

First, Listen.

We approach every new project with the mantra: “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” We believe that every business’s challenges are unique and in order to best serve our clients, we must open our ears and minds to listen to and understand each and every client’s unique story.

Collaborative Processes

We believe that goals are seldom achieved unilaterally. We recognize that complex situations require information, insights and on-going discussions with our clients.

Honest, Always

Honesty is more than a word on our wall; it’s our best policy. We do what is ethical because it is the right thing to do and because we believe it is the ultimate win-win for everyone.

Long-term Relationships

We know that our clients need to be able to talk through their challenges, discuss issues and evaluate possible solutions. That’s why we take all the time required to answer all your questions before a project, and we’re available to assist you after we’ve implemented your solutions. Have a question? Don’t ever hesitate to pick-up a phone and call us!

On-time Performance

We understand that time is your most valuable resource. We establish timelines and schedules for every project and we work diligently to achieve all of our deliverables to keep you on schedule.

On-Budget Performance

We respect your budget. Keeping your project on budget is our priority. We work on a flat fee; no hidden costs and no unplanned expenses.